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Table 1 An example of the process of analysis

From: Referral of children seeking care at private health facilities in Uganda

Meaning units Codes Themes
“There are parents who think the child is going to die so they decide to ignore the referral” (FGD3 women) Caretakers losing hope when a child is referred Barriers to referral at a household level
“Most people will think that since the nurse has given me a referred form, it could be that it’s a complicated disease, the caretaker begins panicking” (FGD3 male)
“These days everybody minds his own problems, you may go to a neighbour when you have a problem of referral or sickness but that person will not help you” (FGD women) Lack of support from community members
“But now people no longer have that helping heart so we need to teach them to support one another in case of illnesses; may be teach them through the church and any meetings held by the local council but people don’t like attending meetings” (KII private clinic)