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Table 1 Malaria indicator variables calculated by the EPIDEMIA system

From: Integrating malaria surveillance with climate data for outbreak detection and forecasting: the EPIDEMIA system

Variable name Equation
Incidence of malaria (C + U)/P
Incidence of confirmed malaria C/P
Incidence of P. falciparum malaria C f /P
Incidence of P. vivax malaria C v /P
Proportion of patients with malaria (C + U)/T
Proportion of patients with confirmed malaria C/T
Proportion of patients with P. falciparum malaria C f /T
Proportion of patients with P. vivax malaria C v /T
Confirmed malaria positivity rate C/D
P. falciparum malaria positivity rate C f /D
P. vivax malaria positivity rate C v /D
  1. Summarized for each woreda in each epidemiological week
  2. C confirmed malaria cases, U unconfirmed malaria cases, P total population living in malarious areas, C f confirmed P. falciparum and mixed P. falciparum/P. vivax cases, C v confirmed P. vivax cases, T total number of cases for all causes, including malaria, D total number of diagnostic tests performed