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Table 1 Baseline characteristics in prospective uncontrolled clinical trials

From: A systematic review of the clinical presentation, treatment and relapse characteristics of human Plasmodium ovale malaria

Authors No of P. ovale cases Age (years) Sex Patients’ status Origin of infection
Siswantoro et al. [18] 11 28 (median) 8 M, 3 F R Indonesia
Same-Ekobo et al. [19] 30 R Cameroon
Ringwald et al. [20] 8 17 (median) R Cameroon
2 8 (median) R Cameroon
Radloff et al. [21] 3 >10 years R Gabon
Danis et al. [23] 4 19–32 T Sub-Saharan Africa
  1. No number, M male, F female, R resident, T tourist, – not mentioned in the original publication