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Table 5 Characteristics of severe congenital malaria

From: A systematic review of the clinical presentation, treatment and relapse characteristics of human Plasmodium ovale malaria

Authors, year of publication Sex Birth weight (kg) Previous residence of mother Country of birth Diagnostics Parasitaemia Body temperature (°C) Hemoglobin level (g/dl) Treatment Outcome Concomitant medication Comment
Penazzato et al. [26], 2007 3.13 Nigeria Italy MIC + PCR 0.01% 5.4 Quinine sulphate 20 mg/kg/d for 5 days Recovered without sequelae Zidovudine Mother HIV positive, no materno-foetal transmission of HIV
Jenkins et al. [27], 1957 M 4 East Africa England MIC 40 6.8 Proguanil 0.25 g daily for 5 days followed by: chloroquine sulphate ¼ tablet twice daily for 2 days, then ¼ tablet daily for 2 days, then ¼ tablet weekly for 3 weeks Recovered without sequelae Penicillin, potassium permanganate baths, local aqueous gentian violet 0.66% Pubic rash after day 3
Erythromycin Given on suspicion with proguanil
Ferrous sulphate
  1. MIC microscopy, PCR polymerase chain reaction, M male, not mentioned in the original publication