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Table 1 Characteristics of study children and paired malaria infections

From: Drug resistance mediating Plasmodium falciparum polymorphisms and clinical presentations of parasitaemic children in Uganda

Characteristic Total episodes Asymptomatic episodes Symptomatic episodes
Number of episodes 228 114 114
Number with first presentation for each category 114 54 60
Age at time of sample collection (mean) (years) 7.00 7.02 6.98
Duration between episodes (mean) (days) 118 121 115
Parasite density (geometric mean) 9080/μl 3767/μl 14,390/μl
  1. For each child, paired asymptomatic and symptomatic infections were studied, regardless of which presentation occurred first. For duration between episodes, the times shown are means for episodes preceded by a prior episode in the other category