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Table 1 Reasons for exclusion and sleeping spaces affected

From: Multiple entries and exits and other complex human patterns of insecticide-treated net use: a possible contributor to residual malaria transmission?

Reason for exclusion No. (%) sleeping spaces excluded
Sleeping space not used on night of observation 12 (5.9)
Observer only able to track 4 out of 10 sleeping spaces in one household due to large number of occupants (24) and sleeping spaces (10) 6 (3.0)
Sleeping space had no bed net 5 (2.5)
Observer ended observation at 21.50 (1 household) 4 (2.0)
No adults present (1 household) 2 (1.0)
Sleeping space located in chicken coop; observer had no access 1 (0.5)
Total 30 (14.9)