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Fig. 7

From: Vector control with driving Y chromosomes: modelling the evolution of resistance

Fig. 7

The percentage suppression of the total female population (dotted lines) as a function of the fitness of the resistant suppressor mutation (w for heterozygotes, w 2 for homozygotes) and the intrinsic rate of increase of the population (R m ). The solid line shows the extinction curve w = w ex (100% suppression line), below which the population is eliminated (shaded area). For \(1 \ge w > w_{1} = \left( {1 - 10^{ - 7} } \right)\) (zone too narrow to appear on plot), the suppressor autosome tends to fixation; below w = w 1 (all visible areas of plot) it tends to an intermediate equilibrium, which rescues the population only in the non-shaded area. For m = 0.95, v = 10−7

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