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Fig. 4

From: Clinical and molecular surveillance of artemisinin resistant falciparum malaria in Myanmar (2009–2013)

Fig. 4

Correlation between frequencies of wile type of target genes. K13 propeller (a), pfarps10 (b), pffd (c), and pfmdr2 (d), and prevalence of day 3 parasite positivity after ACT treatment in six sentinel sites in Myanmar. The frequency of day 3 parasite positivity is plotted against the frequency of wild type alleles of target genes. Spearman’s coefficient of rank correlation: K13 propeller (r = −0.9590, 95% confidence interval −0.665 to −0.995); pfarps10 (r = −0.8840, 95% confidence interval −0.257 to 0.987); pffd (r = −0.6704, 95% confidence interval −0.309 to −0.959) and pfmdr2 (r = −0.7679, 95% confidence interval −0.115 to −0.970

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