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Fig. 3

From: Modelling the impact of the long-term use of insecticide-treated bed nets on Anopheles mosquito biting time

Fig. 3

Population biting time profile of mosquitoes. Stable equilibrium distribution of the mosquito population biting time profile for different proportions of individuals using bed nets. The initial condition is given by a Gaussian function N(14.5, 4). The results are the mean values of 200 simulations with \(g=0.3\;{\text{h}},\) \(\sigma _1=15\;{\text{h}},\) \(\sigma _2=300\;{\text{h}},\) \(\epsilon =0.6,\) \(\alpha _1=15,\) \(\alpha _2=0.05\) and \(\mu _N=0.1\).

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