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Fig. 4 | Malaria Journal

Fig. 4

From: Selective inhibition of PfA-M1, over PfA-M17, by an amino-benzosuberone derivative blocks malaria parasites development in vitro and in vivo

Fig. 4

Comparative efficacy of anti-malarial in vivo treatments. a Parasitaemia at main infection peak was normalized on non-treated mice group (vehicle) to allow comparative evaluation of the respective daily treatments with: 12 mg/kg of T5, 24 mg/kg of T5, 100 mg/kg of bestatin and 5 mg/kg of chloroquine. b Parasitaemia at the recrudescence peak on day 19 post infection was similarly normalized and compared for the five mice groups. For each condition, data were analyzed using the Mann–Whitney U test for statistical significance. *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01

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