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Table 1 The protective efficacy against challenge by the bites of mosquitoes infected with PfCSP-Tc/Pb parasites

From: DAF-shielded baculovirus-vectored vaccine enhances protection against malaria sporozoite challenge in mice

Vaccine Dose No. of uninfected mice/total no. (%)
PBS 4 0/10 (0)
WT-AcNPV 4 0/10 (0)
BDES-PfCSP1-gp64 4 1/10 (10)
BDES-sPfCSP2-Spier 4 3/10 (30)a
BDES-sPfCSP2-Spider 4 6/10 (60)b
  1. Mice were screened for PfCSP-Tc/Pb blood-stage infections by microscopic examination of Giemsa-stained thin smears of tail blood after challenge infections. Protection is defined as the complete absence of blood-stage parasitemia on day 14 post-challenge
  2. a, bEach group of immunized mice were compared with the nonimmunized group (PBS) to test for statistically significant differences using Fisher’s exact probability test. a p < 0.05; b p < 0.01