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Table 4 Challenges in estimating antimalarial drug efficacy and possible alternatives

From: Statistical methods to derive efficacy estimates of anti-malarials for uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria: pitfalls and challenges

Challenges Current approach Alternative approach Software
Competing risk event Censored on the day of event [3] Cumulative incidence function cmprsk package R [30]
(Additional file 1: Section B)
Interval censoring Ignored Interval censored survival estimates survival package R [57]
(Additional file 1: Section C)
K–M for multicentre studies No specific recommendation Use of meta-analysis approach [40] MetaSurv package R [41]
(Additional file 1: Section D)
Comparing K–M estimates Current comparison based on whole survival curve (log-rank test) Comparison at a fixed point in time based on complementary log–log transformation [42] R script available as additional file
(Additional file 1: Section E)
Demonstrating non-inferiority Based on the cured proportion Based on the difference of two K–M estimates after complementary log–log transformation (or on hazards ratio scale) R script available as additional file
(Additional file 1: Sections F, G, H)