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Table 1 Summary of DRC individual samples and population cluster samples PCR and amplicon deep sequencing results

From: A deep sequencing approach to estimate Plasmodium falciparum complexity of infection (COI) and explore apical membrane antigen 1 diversity

Sample type Number of samples No. of pfldh qPCR positive samples (%)a No. of pfama1 PCR positive samples (%) No. of samples with analysable deep sequence reads (%)b
Individual 115 99 (86.1) 81 (70.4) 79 (68.7)
Population cluster 84 79 (94.0) 73 (86.9)
  1. aConcentrations of pfldh based on qPCR standard curve analysis ranged from less than 0.1 ng/ml to over 1000 ng/ml for individual samples
  2. bThe number of samples with analysable deep sequence reads was determined using the SeekDeep targeted amplicon analysis pipeline criteria and a 2.5% minimum haplotype frequency cutoff requirement for inclusion in analysis. The SeekDeep analysis pipeline excludes reads based on missing barcodes, short reads (< 50 bp), and poor quality/chimeric reads