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Table 3 Distribution of Pfdhfr and Pfdhps allele combinations among 48 Plasmodium falciparum isolates

From: Molecular identification of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine resistance in malaria infected women who received intermittent preventive treatment in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Haplotype Pfdhfr-Pfdhps allelesa Number of the isolates, n (%)
Quintuple CICNI-SGEGA 1/48 (2.1)
Quadruple CIRNI-SGKAA 23/48 (47.9)
Triple CICNI-SGKAA 17/48 (35.4)
Triple CNRNI-SGKAA 6/48 (12.5)
Double CNCNI-SGKAA 1/48 (2.1)
  1. aPfdhfr-Pfdhps allele combinations: quintuple (Pfdhfr 51I/108N + Pfdfps 437G/540E/581G); quadruple (Pfdhfr 51I/59R/108N + Pfdfps 437G); triple (Pfdhfr 51I/108N + Pfdfps 437G); triple (Pfdhfr 59R/108N + Pfdfps 437G); and double (Pfdhfr 108N + Pfdfps 437G) haplotype