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Table 4 Allelic frequency and genotype of the L1014F kdr and ace-1R mutations in Anopheles coluzzii collected from early morning collections

From: Targeted application of an organophosphate-based paint applied on windows and doors against Anopheles coluzzii resistant to pyrethroids under real life conditions in Vallée du Kou, Burkina Faso (West Africa)

Treatments Kdr L1014F Ace-1R (G119S)
n SS RS RR F (L1014F) [95% CI] p (HW) SS RS RR F (G119S) p (HW)
Control (LLINs and/or other methods) 52 1 3 48 0.952 [0.89–1.01] 0.01 52 0 0 0
IP/1 layer on doors and windows + LLINs 49 1 4 44 0.929 [0.86–1.00] <0.05 49 0 0 0
  1. IP Insecticide paint; LLINs long-lasting insecticide-treated nets; EMCs early morning collections; n number of mosquitoes tested; SS sensitive homozygote; RS resistant heterozygote; RR resistant homozygote; F (L1014F) allelic frequency of the kdr mutation; F (G119S) allelic frequency of the ace-1R mutation; 95% CI = 95% confidence interval, p (HW) value for Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium hypothesis; “–” non-determinable