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Table 2 Mass distribution of long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) in Zambia: coordination and key roles by level of implementation, 2014

From: Insecticide-treated nets mass distribution campaign: benefits and lessons in Zambia

Level Coordination body/staff Role (s)
National TWGs Providing overall coordination/oversight
Mobilizing resources
Procurement of commodities
Development of IECs materials
 District PMO District planning
Logistic arrangements
DMO District coordination
MATFS Supervising Health Centre Committees
 Health Centre (HC) HC Advisory Committees Mobilizing Communities
Supporting micro-planning
Supporting advocacy activities
 Community NHCs Supporting microplanning
Mobilizing communities
Supporting advocacy activities
Supporting IEC dissemination
Facilitating household enumeration
Supporting LLIN distribution
  1. TWGs Technical Working Groups, PMO Provincial Medical Officer, DMO District Medical Officer, MATFs Malaria Task Forces, IEC Information, communication education, NHCs Neighborhood health committees