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Fig. 2

From: An inexpensive open source 3D-printed membrane feeder for human malaria transmission studies

Fig. 2

Comparative P. falciparum SMFAs with a commercial glass feeder and 3D-printed feeder. a After feeding, blood was sampled from the feeders and exflagellation was induced and quantified. Exflagellation is indicated per millilitre per feeder. Three independent biological replicates are shown (1–3). No statistically significant difference was found. bd Three standard membrane feeding assays (SMFAs) were performed in which the RBC/gametocyte/serum sample was split between the two feeders, mosquitoes allowed to feed and midgut oocysts quantified 9 days later. Each dot represents one mosquito midgut. The mean oocyst number is indicated with a straight horizontal line. No statistically significant difference was found between the two feeders. e Infection parameters quantified from SMFA replicates 1–3

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