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Fig. 3

From: Screening for potential prophylactics targeting sporozoite motility through the skin

Fig. 3

Pre-treatment with a tyrothricin and gramicidin containing topical gel (Tyrosur®) did not inhibit in vivo parasite progression. a Mice ear hair was removed 24 h before the experiment and mosquito bites 4 h post-topical treatment. Anesthetized mice were transferred to a heated chamber and the bite site imaged to reveals sporozoites (left image). Time lapse recording enabled analysis of migration as shown exemplary by a projection of the sporozoite path over 450 s (right). Scale bar: 10 μm. b In vivo imaging of sporozoites deposited in the skin by mosquito bites moved at similar speeds (Mann–Whitney test, red line indicates median speed); and, c with similar mean square displacement (MSD) when compared to controls. d Mice were monitored after mosquito bite to assess any ‘post-skin’ effects of Tyrosur treatment. Parasite emergence in the blood was similar between groups indicating no prominent effect of Tyrosur after skin exit. Data represented as mean ± SEM

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