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Fig. 2

From: A recombinant antibody against Plasmodium vivax UIS4 for distinguishing replicating from dormant liver stages

Fig. 2

α-rUIS4 mAb staining in vitro. The α-rUIS4 mAb was used to stain liver stage schizonts and hypnozoites in three individual in vitro immunofluorescence assays (IFAs) on P. vivax infected hepatocyte cultures. Three different patient isolates were used for the infections. The differences between the culturing and staining protocols are depicted in a. b Representative images of liver stage schizonts and hypnozoites stained with the three different protocols. The UIS4-positive prominence is clearly visible on all hypnozoites, but not on liver stage schizonts, thereby allowing the differentiation between dormant and replicating parasite forms

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