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Table 2 Mapping covariates used in the modelling [17]

From: A stakeholder workshop about modelled maps of key malaria indicator survey indicators in Madagascar

Short nameDescriptionOriginal data sourceTemporalDate
 AccessTravel time to cities with greater than 50,000 population via all transport methods
 NTLVIIRS nighttime lights
 GPWGridded population of the world (GPW) population density
Physical earth
 ElevationShuttle radar topography mission (SRTM) near—global digital elevation models (DEMs)
 AridityMean annual aridity–2000
 PRECIPAverage monthly rainfall–2000
 EVIEnhanced vegetation index–2014
 LST.dayLand surface temperature in the daytime–2014
 LST.deltaLand surface temperature daily fluctuation range–2014
 LST.nightLand surface temperature in the nighttime–2014
 PETMean annual potential evapotranspiration–2000
 TCBTasseled—cap brightness–2014
 TCWTasseled—cap wetness–2014