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Table 3 Agreement between positive malaria RDT categorization and microscopy results

From: Evaluating 18s-rRNA LAMP and selective whole genome amplification (sWGA) assay in detecting asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum infections in blood donors

RDT positive results categorization Malaria microscopy
Concordant Discordant % agreement
PfHRP2+/pLDH+ (n = 36) 36 0 100.00
PfHRP2+/pLDH (n = 52) 18 34 52.9
PfHRP2/pLDH+ (n = 3) 3 0 100.0
Total 57 34  
  1. RDT rapid diagnostic test, PfHRP2 Plasmodium falciparum specific histidine rich protein 2, pLDH Plasmodium specific lactate dehydrogenase, PfHRP2+/pLDH+ both HRP2 and pLDH detected in donor blood, PfHRP2+/pLDH HRP2 but not pLDH detected in donor blood, PfHRP2/pLDH+ LDH but not HRP2 detected in donor blood (HRP2 gene deletion)