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Table 5 Cohen’s kappa analysis of the diagnostic methods

From: Evaluating 18s-rRNA LAMP and selective whole genome amplification (sWGA) assay in detecting asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum infections in blood donors

Kappa (κ) Microscopy RDT crDNA-LAMP pDNA-LAMP
RDT 0.74
crDNA-LAMP 0.56 0.78
pDNA-LAMP 0.54 0.77 0.91
sWGA 0.53 0.76 0.89 0.96
  1. Modified interpretation to kappa test statistic: 0.01–0.20-slight agreement; 0.21–0.40-fair agreement; 0.41–0.60-moderate agreement; 0.61–0.80-substantial agreement; 0.81–0.90-almost perfect agreement; 0.91–1.00-perfect agreement [21]