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Table 1 Entomological collection nights conducted in each site and with each collection method

From: Transmission risk beyond the village: entomological and human factors contributing to residual malaria transmission in an area approaching malaria elimination on the Thailand–Myanmar border

Site Catch methods Collection nights
Suan Oi village IHLC; OHLC; cow-bait Each method: Jun–Nov, two consecutive nights per month (12 person/cow-bait-nights)
Pha Man village IHLC; OHLC; cow-bait IHLC/OHLC: Jun–Nov, two consecutive nights per month (12 person-nights)
Cow-bait: Jul–Nov, two consecutive nights per month (10 cow-bait-nights)
Farm huts (six sites in total: F1–F6) Semi-indoor HLC F1, F2, F3—three consecutive nights in Aug and Oct (6 person-nights each site)
F4, F5—three consecutive nights in Oct and Nov (6 person-nights each site)
F6—three consecutive nights in Oct (3 person-nights)
Total   103 collection nights (incl. 22 cow-bait nights and 81 person-nights)
  1. IHLC indoor human landing catch, OHLC outdoor human landing catch