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Table 5 Descriptive features of the 14 submicroscopic malaria cases

From: Prevalence of submicroscopic malaria infection in immigrants living in Spain

Gender Age (years) Area of origin Time of residence in Spain (years) Travels to endemic area in the year before inclusion Time from the last travel to endemic area (months) Reason for consultation Antimalarial chemoprophylaxis prior last travel to endemic area Previous malaria Detected species
Male 31 Africa (Mali) 9.5 Yes 7.4 Immigrant screening No No Plasmodium falciparum
Male 42 Africa (Nigeria) 16.5 Yes 4.5 Headache, myalgia, others (cough and dyspnea) Unknown Yes Plasmodium falciparum
Male 46 Africa (Equatorial Guinea) 4.3 Yes 5.1 Asthenia Unknown Unknown Plasmodium falciparum
Female 44 Africa (Equatorial Guinea) 12.9 No Unknown Immigrant screening Yes Plasmodium falciparum
Female 32 Africa (Equatorial Guinea) 12.8 Yes 3.7 Asthenia No Yes Plasmodium falciparum
Female 50 Africa (Equatorial Guinea) 8.9 Yes 2 Asthenia, headache, general discomfort, myalgia No Unknown Plasmodium falciparum
Male 31 Africa (Eritrea) 0.3 No Unknown Immigrant screening Unknown Plasmodium vivax
Male 18 Africa (Equatorial Guinea) 0.4 No Unknown Immigrant screening No Plasmodium falciparum + Plasmodium malariae + Plasmodium ovale
Female 45 Africa (Equatorial Guinea) 7.6 Yes 6.0 Immigrant screening and eosinophilia No Unknown Plasmodium falciparum
Male 40 Africa (Nigeria) 16.4 Yes 8.0 HIV follow-up Yes Yes Plasmodium falciparum
Male 42 Africa (Nigeria) 14.2 No Immigrant screening Unknown Plasmodium falciparum
Male 40 Africa (Guinea Bissau) Unknown HIV follow-up Yes Plasmodium vivax
Female 62 Africa (Equatorial Guinea) No Others (low back pain) Unknown Plasmodium falciparum + Plasmodium ovale
Female 39 Africa (Senegal) 8.7 No HIV follow-up Yes Plasmodium falciparum