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Fig. 3

From: In vitro and in vivo characterization of anti-malarial acylphenoxazine derivatives prepared from basic blue 3

Fig. 3

Morphological analysis of anti-malarial activity of basic blue 3 and ITT derivatives in vitro. Representative light microscopy images captured at indicated concentrations “(i)”, “(ii)”, and “(iii)” in Fig. 2. (i) Letters “a”, “b”, and “c” denote final concentrations of 15, 500, and 5000 nM, respectively. (ii) Letters “d”, “e”, and “f” denote final concentrations of 0.5, 15, and 150 nM, respectively. Arrow indicates haemozoin. (iii) Control treated with solvent (DMSO, no compounds). This assay was conducted with 3D7 strain. Scale bar, 5 µm

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