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Table 1 Standardized health facilities

From: Examination of malaria service utilization and service provision: an analysis of DHS and SPA data from Malawi, Senegal, and Tanzania

Standardized nameDHS facilitiesSPA facilities
Malawi2015–2016 Malawi DHS2013–2014 Malawi SPA
Government hospitalGovernment hospitalGovernment/public: central hospital
Government/public: district hospital
Government/public: rural/community hospital
Government/public: other hospital
Government health centreGovernment health centreGovernment/public: health centre
Government health post or mobile clinicGovernment health post/outreach
Government mobile clinic
Government HSA
Government/public: maternity
Government/public: dispensary
Government/public: clinic
Government/public: health post
Private facilityPrivate hospital/clinic
Private pharmacy
Private doctor
Private mobile clinic
Private fieldworker/CHW
Other private medical sector
Private for profit: other hospital
Private for profit: health centre
Private for profit: maternity
Private for profit: dispensary
Private for profit: clinic
NGO: other hospital
NGO: health centre
NGO: clinic
Company: health centre
Company: dispensary
Company: clinic
Christian health association/mission/faith-basedCHAM/mission hospital
CHAM/mission health centre
CHAM: rural/community hospital
CHAM: other hospital
CHAM: health centre
CHAM: maternity
CHAM: dispensary
CHAM: clinic
CHAM: health post
Mission/faith-based (other than CHAM): Other hospital
Mission/faith-based (other than CHAM): Clinic
Any other sourceBLM
Traditional practitioner
Itinerant drug seller
Youth drop-in centre
No SPA equivalent
Senegal2016 Senegal Continuous DHS2016 Senegal Continuous SPA
Government hospital or health centreGovernment hospital
Government health centre
Government/public: hospital
Government/public: health centre
Government health post or mobile clinicGovernment health post
Government mobile team
Government/public: clinic
Government health hutOther public sector
Country specific public sector
Government/public: case de santé
Private facilityPrivate hospital/clinic
Private pharmacy
Private community health worker
Other private medical
NGO/private not for profit: hospital
NGO/private not for profit: health center
NGO/private not for profit: clinic
Private for profit: hospital
Private for profit: health centre
Private for profit: clinic
Any other sourceShop
Traditional practitioner
Country-specific other sector
No SPA equivalent
Tanzania2015–2016 Tanzania DHS-MIS2014–2015 Tanzania SPA
Government hospitalNational/zonal referral/specialized hospital
Referral regional hospital
Regional hospital
District hospital
Government/public: national referral hospital
Government/public: regional hospital
Government/public: district hospital
Government/public: district-designated hospital
Government/public: other hospital
Parastatal: regional hospital
Parastatal: other hospital
Government health centrePublic health centreGovernment/public: health centre
Parastatal: health center
Government clinic/dispensaryPublic clinic
Public dispensary
Public CHW
Government/public: clinic
Government/public: dispensary
Parastatal: dispensary
Private facilityPrivate hospital
Private specialized hospital
Private health centre Private clinic
Private dispensary
Private: other hospital
Private: health centre
Private: clinic
Private: dispensary
Mission/faith-basedReligious/voluntary referral spec. hospital
religious/voluntary hospital
religious/voluntary district hospital
religious/voluntary health centre
religious/voluntary clinic
religious/voluntary dispensary
Mission/faith-based: national referral
Mission/faith-based: regional hospital
Mission/faith-based: district hospital
Mission/faith-based: district-designated hospital
Mission/faith-based: other hospital
Mission/faith-based: health centre
Mission/faith-based: clinic
Mission/faith-based: dispensary
Any other sourcePharmacy
No SPA equivalent
  1. HSA Health Surveillance Assistants, CHAM Christian Health Association of Malawi, BLM Banja La Mtsogolo (program established by Marie Stopes International), ADDO Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlet