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Table 4 Distribution of areas of assessment during dispensing and post-dispensing advice

From: Dispensing practices for anti-malarials in the La Nkwantanang-Madina municipality, Greater Accra, Ghana: a cross-sectional study

Areas of assessment (advise)Frequency (n = 248)Percentage (100%)
Advice on how to take anti-malarials
 Accurate direction10358.5
 Inaccurate direction14541.5
Taking after meals
 After meals23795.6
 Before meals114.4
Completion of full course
 Not advised2811.3
Risk of side effects
 Not advised19578.6
Labelling in ink
Clear instruction
 Not clear3212.9
Legibility to client
Label captured
 Quantity of drugs dispensed
 Frequency of administration
 Exact time to take the drug
 Duration of administration
  1. Assessment was from clients exit interviews