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Table 1 Elements of the bed net care adherence scoring system

From: Bed net care practices and associated factors in western Kenya

Score Storage Wash freq Where washed Soap type Wash manner Drying location Ever retreat*
Best practice
Tied up Never Washtub or bucket; Never wash None; Never Wash or Bar soap Not scrubbed/beaten; Never wash Indoors; Never wash Never if LLIN; ever if ITN ≥ 6 months
Moderate practice
Removed ≥ 3 months Lake Detergent Outdoors in shade
Non-adherent practice
Leave as is < 3 months Stream or river Bleach Scrubbed or beaten In the sun Never if ITN if net age ≥ 6 months, Ever if LLIN
  1. Scores of 0 indicate best practice, scores of 1 indicate moderately adherent practice, and scores of 2 indicate non-adherent practice
  2. *Retreatment is no longer a recommended practice, though households still mentioned the practice, likely from prior experience with ITNs. Retreatment was included to assess knowledge of the practice to determine whether messaging is necessary to discourage retreatment of LLINs