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Table 1 Common artifacts observed in mosquitoes midguts that are often mistaken for oocysts

From: Is that a real oocyst? Insectary establishment and identification of Plasmodium falciparum oocysts in midguts of Anopheles mosquitoes fed on infected human blood in Tororo, Uganda

Artifacts Picture Features
Epithelial cells a–b No black pigment, not differential staining
Air bubble c No black pigment
Does not absorb the staining well
Invagination of midgut wall d–e–f No black pigment, bubbles inside, asymmetry
Detached ovary egg g–h–i Recognized by the presence of a little knob; pigment covers only one side of the egg; they absorb the staining differentially from the midgut tissue
  1. Reference to pictures in Fig. 4