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Table 1 Economic status and malaria control indicators of the study countries

From: Who buys nets? Factors associated with ownership and use of purchased mosquito nets in sub-Saharan Africa

Country/data sourceGDP per capita (US$)Human Development IndexMalaria prevalencea (%)Most recent mass campaign before DHS/MISPopulation with access to ITN (%)
Angola 2015–2016 DHS36830.5713.52013, 2016b19.7
Burkina Faso 2014 MIS7040.4161.42014, 2016c71.2
Burundi 2016–2017 DHS2860.4237.9201432.3
Ghana 2016 MIS15180.5927.92014–201565.8
Liberia 2016 MIS4550.4344.9201541.5
Madagascar 2016 MIS4020.525.1201562.1
Malawi 2017 MIS3390.4836.0201663.1
Mali 2015 MIS7500.4232.4201569.5
Nigeria 2015 MIS19690.5345.12013–201554.7
Rwanda 2017 MIS7480.5211.8201671.9
Senegal 2016 DHS9530.500.9201675.7
Sierra Leone 2016 MIS4810.4152.7201437.1
Tanzania 2017 MIS6170.5043.9201782.3
Togo 2017 MIS5800.5130.3201764.6
Zimbabwe 2015 DHS10330.53n/a2013–201437.2
  1. DHS Demographic Health Survey, GDP Gross Domestic Product, MIS Malaria Indicator Survey, n/a not applicable
  2. aMeasured among children aged 6–59 months using rapid diagnostic testing (RDT)
  3. bAngola implemented a phased mass distribution campaign
  4. cBurkina Faso’s most recent campaign was after the MIS