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Table 1 Genetic diversity by country and year

From: High Plasmodium falciparum genetic diversity and temporal stability despite control efforts in high transmission settings along the international border between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

 DRC (2016 and 2017)DRC (2016)DRC (2017)Zambia (2016 and 2017)Zambia (2016)Zambia (2017)Overall
Pfama1 (454 bp)
 # Sequences30113117025578176554
 # Segregating sites (S)38383438383738
 Nucleotide diversity (π)0.0240.0250.0240.0240.0240.0240.024
 Nucleotide diversity (π): non-synonymous sites0.0290.0300.0290.0290.0300.0300.029
 # Unique haplotypes825362874672117
 Haplotype diversity (Hd)0.9750.9760.9740.9780.9780.9780.977
 Average # nucleotide differences (K)10.99511.13510.91610.95110.75511.04410.977
Pfcsp (253 bp)
 # Sequences30310619728866222592
 # Segregating sites (S)33293230253035
 Nucleotide diversity (π)0.0240.0240.0240.0250.0250.0260.025
 Nucleotide diversity (π): non-synonymous sites0.0300.0300.0300.0320.0310.0320.031
 # Unique haplotypes62435562315683
 Haplotype diversity (Hd)0.9660.9670.9670.9660.9610.9680.966
 Average # nucleotide differences (K)6.0526.1016.0336.4186.2316.4836.214
  1. DnaSP (version 6.10.01) was used to calculate the number of segregating sites (S), nucleotide diversity (π) among all loci, nucleotide diversity (π) among non-synonymous sites, the number of unique DNA haplotypes, haplotype diversity (Hd), and the average number of nucleotide differences between P. falciparum haplotype for each of the populations