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Table 3 Genotyping of An. coluzzii individuals, and assessment of the allelic and genotypic frequencies

From: Pesticides and the evolution of the genetic structure of Anopheles coluzzii populations in some localities in Benin (West Africa)

LocalitiesNumber of genotype and frequencies in  %F %p-valuep-value
Cotonou162 (92.572)a10 (5.714)a3 (1.714)a95.428< 0.0010.0026
Sô-Ava45 (52.941)b33 (38.824)b7 (8.235)a72.353< 0.0010.7882
Zagnanado54 (84.376)ac5 (7.812)ac5 (7.812)a88.281< 0.001< 0.001
Kétou65 (81.250) c10 (12.500) c5 (5.250)a87.500< 0.001< 0.001
  1. L1014F/L1014F: resistant homozygous; L1014L/L1014F: heterozygous; L1014L/L1014L: sensitive homozygous; F(L1014F): Frequency of resistance allele; p-value F(L1014F): threshold of significance of the frequency of the allele L1014F; p-value (EHW): p-value at the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
  2. Frequencies with the same letter in columns do not differ significantly from one locality to another