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Table 2 Vector species composition before and after vector control

From: Impact of vector control interventions on malaria transmission intensity, outdoor vector biting rates and Anopheles mosquito species composition in Tororo, Uganda

Intervention periodSpecies composition by morphology (n)Number tested by PCRSpecies composition by PCR (n)Estimated proportion by morphology and PCR
Pre-interventionAn. gambiae s.l. (1725)103An. gambiae s.s.(79)An. gambiae s.s.70.5%
An. arabiensis (24)An. arabiensis21.4%
An. funestus (70)N/AAn. funestus3.7%
Other Anopheles species (83)Other Anopheles species4.4%
Post-interventionAn. gambiae s.l. (194)194An. gambiae s.s.(1)An. gambiae s.s.0.4%
An. arabiensis (193)An. arabiensis79.4%
An. funestus (0)N/AAn. funestus0%
Other Anopheles species (49)Other Anopheles species20.2%