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Table 2 Malaria cases reported in the city of Mangaluru in the pre- during and post digitization years

From: Indigenously developed digital handheld Android-based Geographic Information System (GIS)-tagged tablets (TABs) in malaria elimination programme in Mangaluru city, Karnataka, India

year (DY)
1st year post digitization (PDY1)2nd year post digitization (PDY2)
Number of slides examined84,102106,885154,409203,894
Number of contact smearsaa16,54132,390
Annual blood examination rate13.8217.1324.7532.68
Slide positivity rate11.510.368.173.65
Total malarial cases (no)b886710,96212,6147640
Vivax malaria (no)809210,19611,2776245
Falciparum malaria (no)77576613371395
 Chi-square trend 164.5p value < 0.001
  1. aSeparate data on blood smear collected not available from fever cases during active surveillance
  2. bCompiled after deletions of duplicate cases and cases from outside the corporation administrative limits