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Table 1 Clinical samples tested on the qSAT assay

From: Quantification of malaria antigens PfHRP2 and pLDH by quantitative suspension array technology in whole blood, dried blood spot and plasma

Samples (n)Type of sampleOriginSampling periodPopulationReference assayP. falciparum positive (n)GM parasite density (p/µl) (95% CI)Others
765PlasmaMozambique2010–2012Pregnant womenqPCR on DBS59127 (58.4–276.3) 
103SerumColombia2005–2007Pregnant womenMicroscopy323901 (2059–7391) 
110EDTA whole bloodSenegalNAAdultsNested PCR and qPCR on WBa554.9 (2.6–9.4) 
16EDTA whole bloodPeruApril–Aug 2015AdultsNested PCR and qPCR on WBa1652.7 (19.1–146.0)pfhrp2 deleted
639EDTA whole bloodNigeriaApril–Aug 2017Age ≥ 5 yearsMicroscopy and PCRb6394713 (3530–6292) 
323EDTA whole bloodPeruMarch–Oct 2017Age ≥ 5 yearsMicroscopy and PCRb3231719 (1328–2225) 
75PlasmaSpain2010Pregnant womenNANANA 
  1. GM Geometric mean
  2. aNested PCR was used for species determination and qPCR for parasite density quantification. Plasmodium falciparum samples were positive for both methods
  3. bPCR was used for species determination and microscopy for parasite density quantification. Geometric mean parasite density is calculated on the basis of microscopy positive samples (n = 247/639 in Nigeria, and 191/323 in Peru)