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Table 1 Data sources. Climate and non-climate data variables, their description and source

From: Childhood malaria case incidence in Malawi between 2004 and 2017: spatio-temporal modelling of climate and non-climate factors

DataDescriptionSpatial resolutionTemporal resolutionSource
Malaria casesTotal cases (confirmed and suspected) reported by health centres in each districtDistrictMonthlyHMIS
RainfallRainfall estimates (mm/month)1km gridMonthlyCHIRPS
Min. tempTemperature estimates (\(^\circ\)C)1 km gridMonthlyNOAA NCEP
Max. tempTemperature estimates (\(^\circ\)C)1 km gridMonthlyNOAA NCEP
NDVINDVI estimates1 km gridMonthlyLandDAAC MODIS
PopulationPopulation estimatesDistrictYearlyNSO population projections
LiteracyProportion of population aged five and above that can read and write in any languageDistrictYearlyWMS
UrbanProportion of the population that stay in urban centresDistrictYearlyWMS
AreaTotal district areaDistrict Unpublished reports
AltitudeHeight above seas level (m)  NSO