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Table 1 Metabolomic data obtained from blood-stage parasites

From: Metabolic alterations in the erythrocyte during blood-stage development of the malaria parasite

NmetabolitesNtimenaSource of dataYearReferences
Obtained at multiple time points from uninfected and infected erythrocytes
10473Uninfected and parasite-infected synchronous cultures of erythrocytes2009[4]
120102Uninfected and parasite-infected synchronous cultures of erythrocytes2012[8]
50164Uninfected and parasite-infected synchronous cultures of erythrocytesThis study
Other relevant data obtained during the IDC
52113Saponin-treated synchronous parasite culture2009[16]
10414Uninfected and parasite-infected asynchronous cultures of erythrocytes (absence/presence of streptolysin O)2013[20]
765b6Parasite-infected synchronous cultures of erythrocytes2016[21]
11313Parasite-infected synchronous cultures of erythrocytes2016[22]
46014Parasite-infected synchronous cultures of erythrocytes2016[6]
58313cUninfected and parasite-infected synchronous cultures of erythrocytes2017[23]
29715Saponin-treated synchronous parasite culture2018[24]
  1. Nmetabolites number of metabolites quantified, Ntime number of time points sampled during the intraerythrocytic developmental cycle (IDC)
  2. aNumber of replicates at each time point
  3. bTime points cover the first 6 h after treatment by a drug
  4. cData from uninfected erythrocytes do not have a replicate