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Table 3 Lipid metabolites quantified in this study and Gulati et al. [53]

From: Metabolic alterations in the erythrocyte during blood-stage development of the malaria parasite

Lipid subclassNmetabolitesPercentage of each lipid subclass, fIDC (σ)
This studyGulati et al.
Sphingomyelin493.7 (0.61)96.4 (0.50)
dhSM24.19 (0.19)1.36 (0.08)
Ceramide20.64 (0.04)0.37 (0.11)
LacCer10.07 (0.01)0.06 (0.02)
Lyso PtdCho31.10 (0.82)0.91 (0.19)
Lyso PtdEth30.31 (0.03)0.73 (0.23)
Lyso PtdIns20.02 (0.01)0.17 (0.06)
  1. Nmetabolites number of metabolites within each subclass, fIDC average percentage of a subclass synthesized during the intraerythrocytic developmental cycle (IDC), σ standard deviation, dhSM dihydrosphingomyelin, LacCer lactosylceramide, PtdCho phosphatidylcholine, PtdEth phosphatidylethanolamine, PtdIns phosphatidylinositol