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Table 2 Effectiveness of pro-active case detection for detection of P. falciparum in Cambodia

From: Tools to accelerate falciparum malaria elimination in Cambodia: a meeting report

Pailin2010CNMCPMSAT6931Not doneNot done60 (0.9%)
Preah Vihear2017–2019MSFMSAT11,902Not done137 (1.2%)8 (3.5%)
   FSAT867044 (0.5%)Not doneNot done
Oddar Meanchey2017–2018LSHTM/HSDMSAT205110 (0.5%)10 (0.5%)10 (0.5%)
Pursat2019URCFSAT6411 (0.2%)Not doneNot done
  1. MSAT mass screening and treatment, FSAT focal screening and treatment; CNMCP Cambodian National Malaria Control Programme, MSF Médecins Sans Frontières, LSHTM/HSD London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine/Health & Social Development, URC University Research Company