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Table 8 Summary of other compound classes

From: The potential of anti-malarial compounds derived from African medicinal plants: a review of pharmacological evaluations from 2013 to 2019

Compound subclass Isolated metabolites Plasmodial strain (activities) Plant species (Family), Taxon IDa Part of the plant studied Place of harvest (Locality, Country) Author, references
Amide 174 3D7 (IC50 value = 39.04 µM) Zanthoxylum heterophyllum (Rutaceae), NCBI:txid1908418 Leaves Langevin, Reunion Island Ledoux et al. [107]
Coumarins 175 3D7 (viability percentage = 101.15) Diospyros conocarpa (Ebenaceae), NCBI:txid13492 Leaves, trunk, and roots Ntouessong and Nkoemvone, Cameroon Fouokeng et al. [108]
176, 177 and 178 NF54 (IC50 values vary from 2.17 to 60.09 µM) Diospyros canaliculata (Ebenaceae), NCBI:txid13492 Stem bark Kribi, Cameroon Lenta et al. [90]
Ester 179 NF54 (IC50 value = 42.59 µM) Erythrina caffra (Papilionaceae), NCBI:txid3842 Stem bark Pietermaritzburg, South Africa Chukwujekwu et al. [106]
Lactones 180 NF54 (IC50 value = 109.99 µM) Vangueria infausta spp. infausta (Rubiaceae), NCBI:txid164485 Roots Mutale Municipality, Limpopo Province, South Africa Bapela [109]
181 D10 (IC50 value = 24.70 µM) Lippia javanica (Verbenaceae), NCBI:txid925357 Leaves Thathe Vondo village, Limpopo Province, South Africa Ludere et al. [110]
Naphthalene derivatives 182 and 183 D6 (IC50 value = 10.52 µM for compound 182) Kniphofia foliosa (Asphodelaceae), NCBI:txid214838 Rhizomes Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Induli et al. [85]
W2 (IC50 value = 6.32 µM for compound 182)
3D7 (IC50 value = 67.32 µM for compound 183)
182 D6 (IC50 value = 10.48 µM) Kniphofia foliosa (Asphodelaceae), NCBI:txid214838 Roots Gedo, Ethiopia Abdissa n [86]
W2 (IC50 value = 6.28 µM)
Spirobisnaphthalene 184 NF54 (IC50 value = 73.28 µM) Entandrophragma congoense (Meliaceae), NCBI:txid2590899 Bark Nkomokui, Cameroon Happi et al. [101]
Xanthones 185 to 187 F32/24h (IC50 values range from 1.16 to 70.33 µM) Allanblackia floribunda (Guttiferae- Clusiaceae), NCBI:txid469914 Whole plant Mount Kala, Cameroon Azebaze et al. [78]
F32/72h (from 0.91 to 50.23 µM)
FCM29/24h (from 0.83 to 17.93 µM)
FCM29/24h (from 0.68 to 67.22 µM)
  1. aIdentification number of the source species, derived from the NCBI Taxonomy database