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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of participants with uncomplicated malaria

From: Comparative analysis of asexual and sexual stage Plasmodium falciparum development in different red blood cell types

UM HB genotype
HbAA (n = 45) HbAC (n = 19) HbAS (n = 15)
Sex (F/M) 20/22 11/7 5/10
Age (years)
 Min–max 1–15 1–15 1–12
 Median (IQR) 6 (3–8) 5 (4–9.5) 7 (5–8.25)
 RDT (%) 100 100 100
  1. Uncomplicated malaria—axillary temperature at or above 37.5 °C and presence of malaria parasites by microscopy; afebrile—axillary temperature below 37.5 °C and absence of malaria parasites by microscopy as well as negative by a malaria RDT
  2. F female, M male, BG blood group, PD Parasite density measured as parasite, p per microlitre; min minimum, max maximum, IQR interquartile range (25–75%); RDT HRP2 based malaria rapid diagnostic test positivity rate, Temp axillary temperature, ND not done, NP no parasite observed by microscopy