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Table 2 Quality of the included studies

From: Prevalence and proportion of Plasmodium spp. triple mixed infections compared with double mixed infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis

No.ReferencesSelectionCompatibilityExposureTotal score (7)
Is the case definition adequate?Representativeness of the casesSelection of controlsDefinition of controlsAscertainment of exposureSame method of ascertainment for cases and controlsNon-response Rate
1.Asua et al. [2]*  NA****5
2Barber et al. [3]*  NA****5
3.Calderaro et al. [4]** NA****6
4.Camargo-Ayala et al. [5]** NA****6
5.Dhangadamajhi et al. [6]** NA****6
6.Dormond et al. [40]*  NA****5
7.Fuehrer et al. [41]** NA****6
8.Gabrielli et al. [42]***NA****7
9.Hopkins et al. [22]*NA****7
10.Jiang et al. [43]*  NA****5
11.Kasehagen et al. [11]***NA****7
12.Krishna et al. [18]*  NA****5
13.Lorenzetti et al. [44]*  NA****5
14.Marques et al. [45]***NA****7
15.May et al. [7]***NA****7
16.Mehlotra et al. [13]***NA****7
17.Mehlotra et al. [12]*  NA****5
18.Mueller et al. [14]***NA****7
19.Nino et al. [46]** NA****6
20.Pati et al. [19]** NA****6
21.Perandin et al. [20]** NA****6
22.Peruzzi et al. [21]** NA****6
23.Pongvongsa et al. [28]***NA****7
24.Putaporntip et al. [25]** NA****6
25.Rubio et al. [38]** NA****6
26.Rubio et al. [38]** NA****6
27.Sitali et al. [29]***NA****7
28.Sluydts et al. [15]***NA****7
29.Steenkeste et al. [16]***NA****7
30.Steenkeste et al. [17]***NA****7
31.Subissi et al. [23]**NA****7
32.Toma et al. [27]**NA****7
33.Woldearegai et al. [47]***NA****7
34.Zhou et al. [24]***NA****7
35.Zhou et al. [26]** NA****6