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Table 5 Mean adult larval densities per habitat characteristic and odds ratio for presence vs. absence of larvae in habitat in comparison to pools for Jinja district

From: Identification and characterization of immature Anopheles and culicines (Diptera: Culicidae) at three sites of varying malaria transmission intensities in Uganda

 Larval density (per dip)Regression analysis
Mean95% CIOR95% CIp-value
Habitat type
 Container0.590− 0.4901.6704.5481.09919.1390.034
 Foot print0.271− 1.3230.7811.5180.5004.3780.445
 Fresh water marsh0.593− 1.2612.4480.8400.0406.3670.881
 Lake fringe0.790− 0.4362.0161.4850.2417.7630.648
 Open drain1.7680.8122.7251.6860.6804.2130.258
 Puddle0.189− 1.2751.6530.2270.0340.8980.062
 Water channel0.087− 0.8990.7240.5000.2111.1990.115
Habitat size
 < 10 m perimeter0.5010.0590.9431   
 > 100 m perimeter0.408− 1.5842.3990.3630.0451.7820.266
 10–100 m perimeter0.8140.2331.3951.0960.4932.3830.819
  1. CI 95% confidence interval, OR odds ratio