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Table 7 Mean adult larval densities per habitat characteristic and odds ratio for presence vs. absence of larvae in habitat in comparison to pools for Tororo district

From: Identification and characterization of immature Anopheles and culicines (Diptera: Culicidae) at three sites of varying malaria transmission intensities in Uganda

 Larval density (per dip)Regression analysis
Mean95% CIOR95% CIp-value
Habitat type
 Foot print2.9050.4645.3470.4700.0204.9740.558
 Fresh water marsh1.118− 1.3423.5780.1870.0052.7230.259
 Rice field1.5591.0962.0214.2121.22514.5570.028
 Water channel1.3960.7862.0060.9670.2933.3330.956
Habitat size
 < 10 m perimeter1.6691.0152.3231   
 > 100 m perimeter2.0760.7013.4512.9470.35771.8280.387
 10–100 m perimeter2.2371.4283.0473.5881.17714.1850.039
  1. CI 95% confidence interval, OR odds ratio