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Table 2 Household-reported reasons for repurposing bed nets

From: “After those nets are torn, most people use them for other purposes”: an examination of alternative bed net use in western Kenya

  Highlands n (%) N = 26 households Lowlands n (%) N = 127 households Representative quote
Net was torn/too many holes 10 (38.5) 23 (18.1) “The [net] had many holes that could not be sewn up”
Net was old and worn out 5 (19.2) 78 (61.4) “[The net] had lasted a long period of time…more than 5 years therefore [we] decided to use it as a garden fence”
Net was old and had holes 7 (26.9) 14 (11.0) “[The net] had many holes and [was] old”
Damage by outside factors 1 (3.8) 3 (2.4) “Bed net was eaten by a rat”
Needed to protect crops 2 (7.7) 3 (2.4) “[The net was used] to prevent hens from attacking the vegetables”
Did not want to throw away 1 (3.8) 2 (1.6) “[It is] better that way instead of throwing away after it was torn”
Other 0 4 (3.1) “After those nets are torn most people use them for other purposes”