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Table 2 Mosquito larvae density/350 ml according to different technologies during rice development

From: Minimal tillage and intermittent flooding farming systems show a potential reduction in the proliferation of Anopheles mosquito larvae in a rice field in Malanville, Northern Benin

  Tillage Flooding Leveling
Deep Minimal Continuous Intermittent Normal Abnormal
Transplanting 2,056a 0,592b 1,922a 0,792b 1,367a 1,539a
P value 0,000000 0,000000 0,088302
Tillering 2,833a 1,017b 2,694a 1,225b 1,925a 2,228a
P value 0,000000 0,000000 0,151127
Maturation 0,667a 0,350b 0,689a 0,317b 0,492a 0,572a
P value 0,001351 0,000065 0,818796
  1. NB, The numbers sharing the same letter are not significantly different. Comparison was made between deep tillage and minimal tillage, continuous flooding and intermittent flooding, normal levelling and abnormal levelling effect on reduction of anopheles larval density