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Table 3 Select indicators and survey questions included in the malaria elimination readiness score by domain for MERA survey

From: Malaria case management and elimination readiness in health facilities of five districts of Madagascar in 2018

Categories of indicators Questions included
Domain 1: Resource availability
Diagnostic capacity Malaria RDTs in stocka
Able to diagnose P. vivaxb
Essential medicines Either ACT or oral quinine in stocka
Either injectable artesunate or quinine in stocka
Primaquine in stocka
Other commodities Thermometer availablea
Infant weighing scale availablea
Stand-on scale availablea
Guidelines Copy of National Malaria Guidelines availablea
CHV testing and diagnosis Thermometer availablec
RDT currently availablec
ACT currently availablec
No stock-outs in past 3 monthsc
Stock management system Stock management system being useda,c
Domain 2: Case management
CHV patient population CHV treats children ≤ 5 years with feverc
Identifying criteria for testing for malaria HP identifies criteria for testing for malariab
CHV identifies criteria for testing for malariac
HP elicits fever complaintd
HP takes patient’s temperatured
HP performs RDT in patient with fever complaintd
Test and treating practices RDTs performed for reported fever in absence of current feverc,d
Patients not treated without testingb
ACT given for positive RDTc
Management of uncomplicated malaria HPs use appropriate anti-malarialsb
CHVs follow-up with patients after treatmentc
Accessing high risk populations CHVs assess travel history and encourage pregnant women to seek carec
SBC activities Malaria education is performed in the communitya,c
Domain 3: Data management and use
Data reporting Case data records are maintainedc
Data are reported to HFsc
Data analysis Standard operating procedures (SOP) available for data analysisa
Data reviewed monthlya
Data used to make decisionsa
Case location can be mapped geographicallya
Data quality Cases classified as confirmed or clinicala
Cases can be followed across registersa
Data quality measures in placea,c
Data quality is monitoreda
Monthly summary reports are maintainedc
Epidemic response Actions are undertaken in the event of increase in cases above expecteda,c
Domain 4: Training, supervision and technical assistance
Training HFs and CHVs report receiving training on various malaria activities and data managementa,b,c
Supervision HFs and CHVs report receiving supervision visit in the last 6 monthsa,c
Feedback HFs and CHVs report receiving feedback on dataa,c
Technical assistance HFs and CHVs report receiving technical assistance from higher level if requesteda,c
HFs and CHVs report receiving guidance on malaria outbreak responsea,c
  1. aHealth Facility (HF) assessment
  2. bHealthcare Provider (HP) interview
  3. cCommunity Health Volunteer (CHV) interview
  4. dPatient observation