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Table 1 Experimental groups

From: Evaluation of in vivo anti-malarial potential of omidun obtained from fermented maize in Ibadan, Nigeria

Experimental groups
Curative groups
Infected, omidun treatment
Infected, chloroquine treatment–positive control
Infected, no treatment–negative control
Prophylactic groups
4 days prophylactic omidun treatment before infection
4 days prophylactic chloroquine treatment before infection–positive control
4 days prophylactic normal saline treatment before infection- negative control
Suppressive groups
Infection and omidun treatment introduced simultaneously
Infection and chloroquine introduced simultaneously–positive control
Infection and normal saline introduced simultaneously- negative control
No Infection, treatment groups
No Infection, omidun Treatment
No infection, chloroquine treatment
No infection, no treatment group
Uninfected and untreated mice