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Table 1 Translation before and after the focus group discussions with community members in Burkina Faso

From: Co‐developing a common glossary with stakeholders for engagement on new genetic approaches for malaria control in a local African setting

Phase of translation Words/expressionin French Translation in Dioula Explanation/example
Before the focus group discussions Chromosome Farisogo yɔrɔnin dɔ lo, min be ninmanfɛnw cogoya yira It's a part of the body that determines the characteristics of living beings
After the focus group discussions Chromosome Koromozomu Farisogo yɔrɔnin dɔ lo, a kadɔgɔ, a ti ye na na, a beninmanfɛnw cogoya yira, ocɛya walima o musoya.(literally: it’s a part or aspecific place of the bodythat is small and that we cannot see with naked eye and that shows the nature of living beings, whether they are male or female)