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Table 4 Health infrastructure availability in study villages

From: Unlicensed medical practitioners in tribal dominated rural areas of central India: bottleneck in malaria elimination

Variables(N = 53)
n (%)
Health Infrastructure available in the villages
 Aagnawadi (ICDS) centre52 (98.1)
 Aaganwadi (ICDS) assistant48 (90.6)
 Aaganwadi (ICDS) worker48 (90.6)
 Aaganwadi (ICDS) is functioning regularly48 (90.6)
 ASHA worker is residing in the village45 (84.9)
 Health sub-centre available in the village10 (18.9)
 Nurse is residing in the village6 (11.3)
 Health committee is functioning in the village10 (18.9)
Distance of Health facilities from the village
 PHCs (mean ± SD) km13.2 ± 1.9
 CHCs (mean ± SD) km28.6 ± 10.1
Distance of bus stop (mean ± SD) km6.4 ± 3.6
Vehicle available in emergency in the villages35 (66.0)